genepy fles doos

In the dialect of many populations of the Western Alps “Génépy”  is the name, probably of Celtic origin, a mountain herb, Artemisia Glacialis. A plant that grows over two thousand meters above sea level on moraine land, which is collected carefully, without removing the root.

By the shepherds of the high valleys of the Aosta valley region it has always been described as a medicinal plant with a delicate fragrance, of which was already said in the ninth century that ” it is close to having as many virtues as it has leaves” .

The rarity of Artemisia Glacialis causes the production of this product to be very limited and sought after, it is consumed by a select few who know the virtues. This fine liqueur is the result of a centuries old knowledge of distillation and herbalism conjugated to an innovation and search for taste.

Technical information

OFFICIAL PLANT                                                        Artemisia Umbelliformis Lam

TYPE                                                                              Liquor

PRODUCTION AREA                                                Valle d’Aosta

ALTITUDE PLANTS SLM                                        1700 m

DISTILLATION                                                         Obtained by infusion and tincture of génépy, aging in steel tanks for a month.

ALCOHOL LEVEL                                                    40%

CONTENT                                                                  50 cl


Tasting Notes

VIEW                                                                          Clear, golden yellow

SMELL                                                                       Mountain air and smell and a fragrance of high altitude herbs

TASTE                                                                        Aromatic and pleasantly persistent

PAIRINGS                                                                Digestive and meditation

SERVICE TEMPERATURE                                  13 ° C ° – 55.4 ° F


  • In 2012, the Silver Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
  • In 2013, the Silver Medal at the IWSC in London
  • In 2014, the Silver Medal at the Vinalies Internationales in Paris

HOW TO DRINK                                       Pure / On The Rocks / Lime / Generale