Artemisia Genepy Beer




A light beer, top-fermented, inspired by the Belgian Beers Pale Ale. The special feature of this product is the addition to the traditional recipe, the Genepì Artemisia 100% Aosta Valley during the fermentation process.

The use of herbs is inextricably linked to the history of beer. If today the bittering and aromatic ingrediënt in most beers in the world is hops, in the past it was not so. Already in the ninth century A.D. it mentioned the Gruit; a mixture containing herbs and spices. The idea is to produce the highest quality beer using seasonal raw materials of our territory.

A beer with a smooth and round taste given by the honeyed taste of malt, from the bouquet of aromas created by the yeast and characterized by the aroma of Artemisia Genepì. These sensations are distinguished gently in the nose while on the palate harmonized without being too pushy.



STYLE                                                                                   Pale Ale – High Fermentation

PRODUCTION AREA BEER                                           Etroubles, Valle d’Aosta

FIRST YEAR OF PRODUCTION                                    2016

BOTTLES PRODUCED ANNUALLY                            10,000

MALTS                                                                                German pilsner malts

HOPS                                                                                  German Magnum hops bittering, aroma Styrian from Belgium

YEAST                                                                                 From High fermentation (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Other Sources of Sugars                                                  Clear Candy Sugar

BOTANY                                                                             Génépy – Artemisia Umbelliformis

ALCOHOL LEVEL                                                            4.80% – 11.5 ° P – 20 IBU

CONTENT                                                                          33 cl.

YEAR                                                                                   2016


COLOUR                                                                    Amber yellow

Aroma                                                                        Floral (Artemisia), fruity (ripe pineapple, candied citrus fruit and orange peel)

TASTE                                                                       Fresh impact with notes of honey, citrus and a bitter finish from the herbs (Genepy)

PAIRINGS                                                                Aperitif, excellent with every meal especially with pork medaillons

SERVICE TEMPERATURE                                  8 ° / 10 ° C – 46 ° / 50 ° F

OUR THOUGHT                                                     A Alpine beer linked to our Terroir, fresh and drinkable